Our contribution to society is not only a material Mengtai, but also a cultural Mengtai.

Transcend in Innovation
-Company profile

Founded by the end of 2001, Inner Mongolia Mengtai Group Co. Ltd. (hereafter refers to the Group for short) is a large-scale private enterprise in Ordos by giving priority to coal, electricity, aluminum and urban heating industries.

The Group holds more than 4,300 employees with total assets as nearly RMB 30 billion Yuan and its annual operating revenue reaching nearly RMB 20 billion Yuan.

The Group has kept profiting for 18 years and its annual average compound growth rate reached 43.8% by taking the lead among enterprises of same industry in Ordos since its foundation.

Core industry
Coal industry
Thermoelectric industry
Aluminium industry
Corporate Culture
Making the Limited Resources Unlimited.
To Be an Enterprise of Resource and Intelligent
Core Value
Keeping Transcending, Being Realistic and People-Oriented
Concept of development
Taking industry-based, culture-led, system-driven and talent-won strategy
Culture totem
These are widely accepted and recognized by people of Mengtai Group Co., Ltd.
Name & Logo
The Logo is made as spherical form by composing of three Сhіnеѕе wоrdѕ аѕ"人, 从 аnd 众"."人".
Rewarding interprets responsibility

We are proud of three things in developing our enterprise as follows. First of all, by adhering to people-orientated concept, we treat our employees well by keeping improving their happiness index, working and living environment as well as the income. Secondly, we have done well for our shareholders. Mengtai Group has kept sharing bonus to our shareholders annually with high returns. Thirdly, we have done well for society. Mengtai Group has made great contribution to taxes and dues payment, social employment and public undertakings, received unanimous approvals and favorable comments from party committees and governments at every level and different sectors of the society.


We're looking for the best talent in the world, as long as you have the courage, and take the challenge, We are the stage where you can make your dreams come true.

in here, you can show your personality to the fullest.

As long as you have some specialty, stay with your dream, and we are your belongings.

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