Transcend in Innovation
-Development history

Brief Introduction to Inner Mongolia Mengtai Group Co., Ltd.

Founded by the end of 2001, Inner Mongolia Mengtai Group Co. Ltd. (hereafter refers to the Group for short) is a large-scale private enterprise in Ordos by giving priority to coal, electricity, aluminum and urban heating industries. The Group holds more than 4,300 employees with total assets as nearly RMB 30 billion Yuan and its annual operating revenue reaching nearly RMB 20 billion Yuan. The Group has kept profiting for 18 years and its annual average compound growth rate reached 43.8% by taking the lead among enterprises of same industry in Ordos since its foundation.

The Group is at the forefront of national coal industrial enterprises, the earliest private enterprise in Inner Mongolia autonomous region in co-generating heat and electricity as well as the only enterprise engaged in production of raw aluminum and high-end aluminum alloy materials in Ordos.

The Group has stable coal production base with annual capacity as 30 million tons among which about 15 million tons are sold by train. The Group serves as major freight customer of the National Railway Corporation, ranking the second place among local enterprises in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. As one of the largest urban heating enterprises in Ordos, the Group offers Dongsheng District with urban heating service nearly 16n million square meters and has formed heating capacity of 20 million square meters. At present, the total installed capacity of the joint venture power plant is 1.96 million kilowatts and the proposed total installed capacity is 2.02 million kilowatts. The Group has built up annual raw aluminum production capacity of 450,000 tons and began to construct high & new aluminum alloy material project with annual capacity as 200,000 tons.

The Group will keep expanding its existing industrial scale according to its plan and further improving its industrial layout. In addition, the Group will fully engage in material processing and manufacturing industry and plan to form annually capacity of high-end aluminum alloy material as one million tons, the original aluminum production scale as two million tons, the electric power installed scale as four million kilowatts and the coal production capacity as 50 million tons in next five to eight years, all the above will make the total output value of the Group reach RMB 100 billion Yuan.

I. Industrial Layout

According to the overall strategic deployment, the Group will develop high-tech industries such as new materials and new energies for its transformation, upgrading and qualified development.

In terms of new materials, the Group will mainly focus on developing high-end aluminum alloy material industry based on the raw aluminum industry and comprehensive utilization of fly ash by replacing the imported products according to the “coal-electricity-aluminum-material” integration industry layout.

In terms of modern energy and new energy, The Group will mainly develop clean and efficient utilization of coal, natural gas and hydrogen energy industries as well as new thin film solar etc.

II. Technological Innovation

At present, scientific and technological innovation project, with promising future, witnesses rapid development and serves as the important strategic measure for the transformation and upgrading of the Group.

The Group has established the Joint R&D Center of High-end Aluminum Alloy Material Engineering and Technology with Shanghai Jiaotong University for developing high-end aluminum alloy material industry and is cooperating in developing the aviation large-board ingot 3D printing equipment which serves as one of the major national scientific and technological research projects.

The Group,together with East China Science and Technology University, are carrying out research and development of high aluminum fly ash to produce aluminum base alloy. The Group, together with the associate academician team of Southern University of Science and Technology, are exploring the clean utilization technology and coal research.The Group, together with Beijing Information Technology University, are developing unmanned aerial vehicle and rapid delivery system. In addition, the Group is cooperating with Huawei in developing coal production automation control system.

The Group is currently constructing a scientific and technological research and development building in area of the group’s headquarters, expecting to be completed and put into operation in 2020 for better serving scientific and technological innovation as well as transformation and upgrading of the Group.

III. Green Development

The Group has always taken green and environmental protection as its basic value orientation and basic premise and adhered to correct guidance of ecological priority and green development in realizing qualified development. The Group will not only serve as the developer and user of resources and projects, but also the protector and builder of beautiful environment.

The main pollutant emission of Beijiao Power Plant of the Group, has reached the emission standard of the gas unit and taken the lead among the same industries in Ordos. The environmental protection standard of the Mengtai aluminum plant has also reached the advanced level in domestic industry. The mining management of the Manlailiang Coal Mine has become the model of “Green Mine” in Ordos. The Headquarters Park and the Aluminum Industry Park of the Group have been built as the model of regional "Garden-type Plant", and the inviting card due to its perfect combination of industrial and economic development and ecological environmental governance.

At the same time, the Group has developed a more reasonable and more promising way in utilization of the fly ash solid waste. Currently, the Group is undertaking its research and development and will bring great impetus to the utilization of fly ash in Ordos and across China if the research and development has succeed.

The Group is striving to make its every factory and mine as the beautiful scenery line , the benchmark of ecological civilization construction in local area through its continuous investment and efforts and intends to make more contribution to the construction of northern ecological barrier of the Country

IV. Social Responsibility

The Group has made a solemn commitment to the society by treating its employees and shareholders fairly and make great reward to the society.

Over the past years, the Group has actively participated in various social public welfare undertakings and has donated more than RMB 100 million Yuan to local poverty alleviation, education, medical care, culture, sports, environmental protection and disaster relief etc.

The Group has invested in green plantation and black donkey cultivation in Nalinxili Town of Yijinhuoluo County in terns of precise poverty eradication and rural revitalization. In addition, the Group has invested in breeding industries and established the benefit association mechanism with the local people of Etuoke County to drive them to become rich, which has become the model of precise poverty reduction.

Meanwhile, the Group has actively invested in poverty alleviation industry in Dongsheng and Dalate County for helping the local people to become rich and makes its contribution to the fight against poverty.

Growing up in Transcendence
2001 December: the predecessor of Mengtai Group, Mengtai Coal Char Company was established. In addition, Mengtai Group has been granted as "Coal Railway Sinotrans Franchise" approved by People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions.
2002 December 13: approved by Ministry of Railways, Mengtai Group opened special transportation account for Beijing-Baotou Line and Datong -Zhungeer Line.
2003 July: Mengtai Group received the exploration right in Buliangou Mine.
2004 August 4: the heat and electricity cogeneration project was put into full construction.

September: Mengtai Group witnessed its transformation from a state-owned enterprise to a private enterprise.

November 2: Mengtai Group started the construction of Fanjiacun Mine.
2005 March 7: Mengtai Group is listed among "Key Top -20 Coal Enterprises of Inner Mongolia" by the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions.

August 31: Ordos Municipal People's Government agreed to merge the municipal heating station into Mengtai Group with state-owned assets being fully withdrawn.

December 25: Mengtai Group signed the cooperation agreement on Fanjiacun and Buliangou Coal Project by Huadian Coal Group Co., Ltd. and Ordos Coal Electricity Co., Ltd. with Huadian Coal Group.
2006 June: Mengtai Stage-l Thermal and Electricity was constructed and put into production.

July 29: Mengtai Group takes 88th place among "Top-100 Chinese Coal Industry Enterprises" by the China National Coal Association.
2007 January 31: Mengtai Group is honored as "Chinese Credit Enterprise".

July 28: Mengtai Group takes 10th place among the "Top-100 Private Enterprises of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions".
2008 January: Ao Fengting, Chairman of Mengtai Group was awarded "Locomotive Award" by the All-China Railway Worker's Union.

February: Mengtai Fanjiacun coal mine and Mengtai Buliangou coal mine were approved by the State.
2009 June 13: Mengtai Group took the lead in Ordos Education Foundation with donation as RMB 3 million Yuan.

September 21: Mengtai Group was awarded by Ordos Municipal Party Committee and Ordos Municipal People’s Government as one of outstanding contribution units during the 11th Asian Artistic Festival.

November: Mengtai Group was listed among the big freight customer by the Ministry of Railways.

In 2009, Mengtai Buliangou Coal Company, with annual production scales as 15 million tons, was built and put into operation.
2010 June 1~3: Ao Fengting, the Chairman of Mengtai Group, together with Premier Wen Jiabaoof People's Republic of China was invited to present China-Mongolia Economic and Trade Forum.

June 30: the Annual 20 million-ton Coal Preparation Plant under Mengtai Buliangou Coal Company was successfully operated.
2011 March: Ao Fengting, the Chairman of Mengtai Group, was listed among Top-10 Inner Mongolia Economic Figures in 2010.
2012 May: Ao Fengting, the President of Mengtai Group, was awarded with "May First Labor Medal "by the Party Committee and Municipal Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions.

October: Ordos held the Sponsorship enterprise Commendation Congress of International Nadam Fair, Mengtai Group was honored the "Outstanding Contribution Award”.
2013 January 8th: Five certification departments passed the quality, environment and occupational health management certification registrations.

May: Mengtai Group was honored the "Top-100 Enterprises of Taxpayer in 2012" in Inner Mongolia.

September: Mengtai Group was honored the "50 Best China Coal Enterprises of Coal Production Capacity”.
2015 September: Mengtai (Shanghai) Finance Lease Ltd, Company was established.

October: Mengtai Group was honored A Class taxpayer of 2014 by Ordos Tax Bureau and Land and Property Tax Bureau.

November: Man Lai Liang Coal Corporation passed the quality standard inspection by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
2016 March: No.157 among the 500 member list of 2015 China Resource Group.
2017 March 31: Mengtai Group released Corporate Governance Guidelines.

December: the aluminum plate project by Mengtai Group, with total investment about RMB 4 bllion Yuan in DaLate County, was put into operation within one year.It refreshed the industry record once again.

December 29: Mengtai Group ranks the 7th places among Top-100 private enterprises across Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


August: the list of the top 50 coal enterprises and the top 50 coal production enterprises in China was published, and Montaigne Group was ranked 34th and 20th respectively.

October: Mengtai was awarded the title of Governor of China Coal Industry Association. Mengtai was awarded the title of Vice President of Inner Mongolia International. Two governing bodies.


March 17: Mengtai has established a strategic partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University on the R&D and production of medium and high-end aluminum alloy new material racks, and established a Research Center for New Aluminum Alloy Materials Engineering and Technology.


Mengtai Group got the No.40 of“top-100 Chinese Coal Industry Enterprises”.
Montay won the Twelfth Congress of the United
Nations Convention on the treatment of desertification in the United States to make outstanding contributions to the enterprise


Mengtai was awarded the honorary title of "Governor Unit of China Coal Industry Associatio

Mengtai was awarded the honorary title of "Vice President Unit of Inner Mongolia International Chamber of Commercen