Strategies and cooperation

External cooperation

In accordance with the overall strategic layout of the Group's vigorous development of new materials, new energy, Internet e-commerce and high-end intelligent manufacturing industries, we are now seeking project cooperation in the following industries globally.

I. Cooperative Projects

(I) New materials

1. Comprehensive Utilization of Fly Ash

Metallic and non-metallic materials with large market capacity and high added value are produced by using high alumina fly ash from thermal power plant with short process flow.

2. Production Project of Medium and High Performance Aluminum Alloy Materials/Blanks

Aluminum alloy materials/billets are mainly used in new energy vehicles, heavy trucks, electronic products, rail transit, military, aviation and other fields, such as high-performance aluminum alloy bars, ingots, etc. The main alloy numbers involved are 6061, 6082, 2024, 7050, 7075 and so on.

3. Medium and High Performance Carbon Fiber and Composite Projects

Focus on T800H, T800S, T1000G, T1100G, M50J, M55J, M60J and other high-end carbon fibers.

4. Graphene Materials Project

(Ⅱ)New energy

1. Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transportation and Hydrogenation Station Project.

2. Hydrogen fuel, aluminum air, lithium ion and other power battery projects, focusing on electrode materials, catalysts, battery management system development.

3. High Performance Thin Film Solar Cell Project.

(III) High-end manufacturing

1. Research and development of electronic chips for new energy automobiles and manufacture of complete vehicles.

2. R&D and application of UAV and UAV rapid delivery system. 

(IV) Whisky Production Project

The company intends to seek with the first-class whisky production enterprises or design units for in-depth cooperation.

II. Mode of cooperation

Our company intends to seek the mature industrialization technology related to the above projects, or have the leading technology research results of enterprises, research institutes and experts and technicians to cooperate. The cooperation mode is flexible and varied, and the partner's technical patent can be used by means of paid authorization, or by means of equity investment, or by purchasing the technical process package or production line of the cooperative unit, or by other means approved by both parties. The project can be co-located in Mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong, or other countries and regions.

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