Corporate Culture
Making the Limited Resources Unlimited.

Connotation: constantly breaking through industrial boundaries to make the best use of resources. If today's efficiency is N, then tomorrow will be N+1......,and keeping pace with times to make expansion with no limits.
To Be an Enterprise of Resource and Intelligent

Implication: Making Mengtai Group as an enterprise of not only integrating resources but of intelligence as well.Integrating Resources: Same resources, but its value being fully utilized nowhere but here.Collecting Intelligence: integrating global intelligence,building business intelligence and creating more social value.
Core Value
Keeping Transcending, Being Realistic and People-Oriented

This is the "iron triangle" of Montais values.
The meaning of "Keeping Transcending" is "three one steps": One step ahead, one step evolution, one step reverse. "One step ahead" is to be ahead of the market. "One step evolution" is to improve over what you used to be. "One step reverse" is to make a reverse breakthrough in the white-hot competition.

The meaning of "Being Realistic": Seek truth from facts, not only for upper, not only for yesterday, not only for profit, but also only for being realistic.
Concept of development
Strategy Outlook: Taking industry-based, culture-led, system-driven and talent-won strategy.

Industry foundation lies in taking coal & power-based, multi-industries complemented, scientific development, circular interconnected development mode .

Taking Wolf as the Culture Totem of Mengtai Group is to learn from the spirit of wolf by being insightful, powerful and team-working.

Being insightful means to keep keen insight and make a prompt decision whether to do or not to do, Being powerful means to possess fighting spirit and dare to take risk.

Being team-working means to work together or do it by himself(herself ) under one purpose if necessary.
Culture totem
The meaning of "People-Oriented": the first is people, the second is thing. Respect personality, and win-win contract. Borderless integration of talents, globalized integration of wisdom.

These are widely accepted and recognized by people of Mengtai Group Co., Ltd.

Keeping Transcending means to lead the market, make progress and take surprise move in heated competi-tion.

Being Realistic means to seek truth from facts but not curry favour with those in power or in rich or own profits only or live in memory.

People-oriented means to put people at the first place and others at second place. It also means to show great respect for personalities and make win-win strategies so as to attract talents and integrate wisdom from and across the world.
Name & Logo
The connotation of the name Mengtai lies in that Mengtai was built up and developed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ("蒙"is the shortform of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Chinese) and its prosperity (it has the same meaning as "泰" in Chinese) and its development would profit people for centuries.